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Thursday, December 10, 2009

File Converters

This was a fun exercise to do. I liked the smiley face!! File converters will be great for patrons who find time is running out on their computer session. They can upload their documents and then find them again easily when next they log in at any other computer elsewhere. As the blurb says on Google Docs you can access your documents even 'if your hard drive collapses because they are saved to their secure servers'. Fantastic. I uploaded one of my assignments and hey presto there it was. It looked different though, no margins and font size didn't seem the same. But all that can be easily edited so there is no problem there. In the exercise questions I couldn't find anything different with the bullets but the table was 'squashed' and elongated. Probably because the font size had changed? However it doesn't entirely matter how the document looks as long as it is all there! As I said earlier you can play around with size, shape and even content!

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