More Testing

This is to see if I can do this!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oops. It was sandbox after all. Deary me!
Actually i think it wasn't wetpaint but sandbox where I was invited to join. I am getting rather muddled!


I had fun exploring wetpaint. I was initially invited to join by another blogger but alas I now can't remember who that was! I must have brain drain! I think I will use wetpaint in the future as it is easy and entertaining to use.


I am not sure about Wikis. They may be 'quick' but how accurate are they if anybody can add or delete information. How helpful would it be in a library to information that is not entirely reliable.
However in saying all that I don't really know enough about wikis to be confident in using them. I have not had any occasion as yet to use them but I know my children use wikipedia a lot and I have looked at that site now and then to gain general information.
So much to learn, so little time!! Poor teddy bear.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Away from the icebergs

Just read the article'away from the icebergs'. Heavens. One day i can see myself without a job as everyone will be doing their own research and reading via the computer! I will be very sad to see hands on books disappear. I hope they don't. You can't cuddle up with a computer or digital whatever in bed or sofa. it just doesn't have the same 'feel' about it.! I wonder often just where all this thirst and implemation for new technology will end. What a long way information gathering has come even since my childhood and that is not that long ago I have to say!!! Will there be a burnout of young minds trying to cope with all they have to know to be able to keep up with the 'world'? Sometimes I fear for their communication skills with 'real' people as they journey into infinity with their computers.

Ex #10

I am now up to exercise 10. Hooray. But.....all that I have to read. Wow. I can't even understand what on earth those writers are on about!!! Help. It will I think take me a long time to decipher everything.
Bring back the 'country house library with the comfortable leather chairs, the smooth coffee and the delectable taste of a shot of brandy'!!! Forget the cigar aroma. We all know now what that does to our lungs!.
Give me a 'real' book anyday. oh dear my age is showing. Back to the computer reading.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, I have played around in the technorati site. I have discovered that by typing in 2.0 on the home page, articles about learning issues and disabilities come up but when I go into blogs I get all sorts of blogs on the web 2.0 programme that I am currently doing. It is great to know that so many people out there are doing the same thing!! Ifeel part of a community.
I have also 'claimed' my blogspot.It is mine forever now. Yippee!!! I will have fun entertaining the world with it. Yeah right!

delicious again

Stll looking around this site. Even made a comment on is fun but I will have to limit myself on the computer. I could be here all day!!


This site is very interesting and I have set up my own account. I found a 'delicious' recipe for a peanut butter chocolate cake at the smitten site. Yummy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well I tried again and I got into bloglines and found hundreds of feeds. but they all seem to be american. How do I find NZones. Have I even completed this exercise correctly.????

oh dear

Now that I am up to exercise 7 I am not totally sure what I have to do! I have looked at some feeds but now I can't find them. What am I supposed to do with them?? How to I gain access to them. Oh dear. I will have to try again. I am so slow with all this information overload I will never finish the programme and then all will be lost!!! Help~!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I love new gadgets. However i only like them if they are pretty simple to use and have just what i need. I have a cell phone but it is very basic and does not have a camera or the internet or music attached. I only have one so I can keep track of the children but alas it has become more like them keeping track of me!!! My phone bill is large due to phone calls to my cell from home wanting to know where I am and what's for dinner! Grr.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

London Monument

London Monument
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hey I have actually done it. Yippee.


If anyone clicks on to the link posted on Wed 6th you will find the card that I made. It is actually a photo of part of my garden that I call 'Poets' Corner'. The garden is meant to have all the flowers of the poets growing in it! I haven't quite got that far yet!
I also haven't worked out how to post the actual photo to my blog. I have managed to work out the yellow flower photo. I am proud of myself for doing that!!!!!


Originally uploaded by oliviermela
I love the colour yellow. This photo cheers me up. I like dahlias too. At least i think that is the type of flower shown in this photo.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

image from flickr

I have given up trying to upload the picture in my previous post. I cannot work out how to do it but at least I have the site to click on to so i can see the picture. I like this picture. It is very well done. It was taken in the year of my 50th birthday and reminds me perhaps of my downward spiral from hereon in??!!! Lol. I wonder if you are allowed text language in a blog? Back to the photo. It has clean lines and a no clutter look. I like its simplicity and imagery. I think I will look at it often.